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The Wild Willy 2 is a reproduction of the popular original Wild Willy from the 1980s. This new Wild Willy, which was introduced in 1999, has a completely new chassis (WR-02) with larger tires so that it can drive even better over rough terrain. Of course, the Wild Willy's trademark is its entertaining wheelie capability (riding on the rear wheels) thanks to an all-new wheelie bar at the rear. This set contains the electronic speed controller Tamiya TBLE-02S. This speed controller is suitable for both carbon brush motors and brushless motors. Includes Tamiya RS-540 motor.


Other supplies such as batteries, chargers and sets are available at an additional cost.

Wild Willy 2 WR-02

Productcode: TAM58242
€ 199,96 Normale prijs
€ 179,96Verkoopprijs
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