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This is the Ultimate Bearing Cleaning Unit. This Bearing Cleaning Unit is intended for cleaning any RC bearing.

Cleaning instructions:
Open the unit, put the bearings inside, fill the Ultimate Bearing Cleaning Unit up about 1/3rd of the way full with your cleaning solution and close the cap tightly. Agitate the cleaning solution by gently shaking the unit. Shake for about 30 seconds or until you are satisfied that your bearings are cleaned completely.

If you are going to use a solvent, we recommend to gently remove the non-contact rubber shield of the bearing. Do not clean the rubber shields with any solvent, as some
solvents can cause the rubber to blister and ruin the fit on the bearing. Gently wipe them clean using a clean cloth or use soapy water. If you choose to use soapy water, make sure to dry the shields completely before putting them back onto the bearing.

Once the bearings are clean and dry, the next step is to lubricate them. Put two drops of the lubricant per bearing and spin the bearing between your fingers to distribute the lubricant throughout the entire bearing. If you have ceramics, only one drop of lubricant is needed.

The next step is to put the rubber shields into position. They should just slip right into place with very little force. Occasionally you will see a wrinkle along the inner race edge. To get rid of this, simply run your thumb over it lightly in a circular fashion. Now the bearing is ready to be used again.


Productcode: UR8405
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