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Team Losi Taper Pin 2WD Front Buggy Tires (Pink) (2)


This is a set of two Losi Taper Pin Front Buggy Tires in Pink rubber compound with included foam inserts. Proven on hard-packed and “blue groove” type track surfaces, the taper bin buggy tire design is available in Losi’s exclusive “pink” compound, perfect for indoor racing. Tires include firm foam liners for proper support.

  • Silver (S); Silver is the most common and reliable Losi compound. It works well under varying conditions and is exceptional on blue-groove and soft surfaces.
  • Red (R); Red compound picks up where Silver stops. This soft/sticky formula works well on dry, hard, slick surfaces.
  • Pink (P); Pink compound offers traction similar to Red with handling characteristics similar to Silver and is ideal for hard packed indoor clay tracks.

Key Features:


  • Proven tread design and compound
  • Perfect for indoor racing
  • Foam inserts included

Taper Pin 2WD Front Buggy Tires (Pink) (2)

Productcode: LOSA7207P
€ 11,96Prijs
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