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MT 2 only (Not for original MT)/Front and Rear/Include Firm Med. Soft


Set for the Nitro MT 2 Truck is a complete Sway Bar Set that allows racers to fine tune the handling of the truck. The Sway Bar Setcomes with:

  • pairs of 3 different thickness bars, for a total of 6 sway bars.
  • Mounting hardware, including a machined aluminium quick-change front mount for simple installation.
  • For easy identification each bar is colour coded.

A popular item for Nitro MT 2 owners.


(Not compatible with HPI Nitro MT, Nitro MT Racer, Nitro Rush, and electric MT trucks.)

Sway Bar Set MT 2 Only

Productcode: HPI86290
€ 41,96Prijs
    RC Monkey Parts Shop
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