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Ultimate-match shock springs (C = 3.2) for XRAY T2 shocks. Stylish black finish. Laser-engraved value (3.2) on top spring coil for easy identification. Set of 2.

For the shorter-length shocks of the XRAY T2 family of 1/10th scale electric touring sedans, XRAY presents the ultimate high-performance racing springs that have been specially developed for rubber-tire racing, giving better balance and an additional range of choices to fine-tune your car.


Developed through extensive testing and racing experience, these linear springs are shorter and have a larger internal diameter. The same thickness of wire is used for each spring, and stiffness is controlled by the number of coils. Softer springs have a lower alue and more coils; stiffer springs have a higher value and fewer coils. The springs are stylishly blackcoated and the tops of each spring are laser engraved with the spring size for quick & easy identification.

Spring-Set C = 3.2 (2)

Productcode: X308378
€ 12,96Prijs
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