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The MonacoRC Rubber Bumper Flex for Xray X4 is a specially made bumper as defined by the name with a thermoplastic material that makes it highly resilient to frontal impacts of your model.

But that Is not all,

the MonacoRC Rubber Bumper Flex thanks to the study of the right measure relating to the hexagonal texture of its design increases the steering of your model implemented by the slowdown of the air flow under the model.

The design of the MonacoRC Rubber Bumper Flex has also been lowered to minimize its weight, but the contact surface with the rest of the bumper components has remained unchanged to allow greater safety in the event of an impact.

Available for the models: Xray X4

Model: Xray X4
Hardness: 95SH
Weight: 13g
Contact body surface size: 8.0 mm


Productcode: MC-0043
€ 19,96Prijs
    RC Monkey Parts Shop
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