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MIBO Shock Oil is a high-performance suspension fluid that is specially formulated for use in RC car racing. Suitable for both on-road and off-road use, it is designed to provide smooth and consistent damping action for your RC car shocks. By absorbing and dissipating energy from impacts, it provides a stable and controlled ride.

Silicone shock oil is highly resistant to temperature changes and has excellent viscosity stability, making it keep the set damping characteristics during the race. It also provides good protection against wear and tear, helping to extend the life of your shocks.

With the new MIBO shock oils, ranging from 10wt/100cSt all the way to 80wt/1000cSt, you can fine-tune your car's suspension system to suit your driving style and racing conditions. This will help you to achieve better performance, increased speed and control, and improved overall handling. Whether you're a seasoned racer or a beginner, it will help you maximize the performance of your car.


MIBO Shock Oil Range:


  • MB-8301 – 10wt/100cSt
  • MB-8302 – 15wt/150cSt
  • MB-8303 – 20wt/200cSt
  • MB-8304 – 25wt/275cSt
  • MB-8305 – 30wt/350cSt
  • MB-8306 – 35wt/425cSt
  • MB-8307 – 40wt/500cSt
  • MB-8308 – 45wt/575cSt
  • MB-8309 – 50wt/640cSt
  • MB-8310 – 55wt/725cSt
  • MB-8311 – 60wt/800cSt
  • MB-8312 – 70wt/900cSt
  • MB-8313 – 80wt/1000cSt

Racing Shock Oil 15wt/150cSt (70ml)

Productcode: MB-8302
€ 6,96Prijs
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