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The Pulsetec Mega 200 Duo is a powerful charging / discharging station which is suitable for use with all common types of batteries, with integrated LCD screen. This charger has a maximum charging current of 12A! The additional LiHV mode can charge the new generation of LiPo batteries with a charging voltage of 4.35V. The charger has a charging current limit, capacity limit, temperature threshold and processing time limit that make the charger safe to use. The Pulsetec Mega 200 Duo is a 2-channel charger with two independent circuits that can charge two different types of batteries at the same time. It also supports AC mode power distribution to get maximum charging power, ensuring short charging time. Sync mode allows users to make synchronous settings for simultaneous charging of the same batteries to save time.


Specifications Pulsetec Mega 200 Duo charger


  • Input voltage: (AC / DC)100 - 240V AC
  • Battery type: LiPo / LiIo / life / NiCd / NiMH / Pb
  • Max. Charging power (Watt): 2x 100W
  • Charging current (A): 2x 0.1 - 12 A
  • Max. Discharge power (Watt): 2x 10W
  • Discharge current (A): 2x 0.1 - 2A
  • Display: 2x16 LCD
  • Number of Li-xx cells: 1 - 6
  • Number of Ni-xx cells: 1 - 15
  • Number of Pb cells: 1 - 10
  • Balancer load (mA): Max 500mA/cell
  • Balancer connector: XH
  • Programmable shutdown voltage: Yes
  • Charge/discharge adjustable
  • Storage program: Yes
  • Battery memory: Yes
  • 10 charge/discharge profiles
  • Alarm: Yes
  • Cooling Fan: Yes
  • Housing material: Composite
  • Charging cables included: No
  • Balancer boards included: No
  • Dimensions (mm): 178x135x96mm
  • Weight (g): 850g
  • Discharge current (A): 2x 0.1 - 2A

Pulsetec Mega 200 Duo Multi funct. Charger

Productcode: PC-019-003
€ 114,96 Normale prijs
€ 96,96Verkoopprijs
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