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Get a wider contact patch for high demand applications with a countersunk screw and 1up Racing Premium Aluminum Countersunk Washers!

1up Racing Premium Aluminum Hardware is made from high-quality materials to ensure dependability, then finished with high-gloss anodizing for an outstanding appearance! These come in at well under half the weight of their steel counterparts making it easy to shave unwanted weight.  Upgrade to 1up Racing Premium Aluminum Hardware on all of your cars today!


  • Includes 10pcs
  • 8mm O.D.
  • 6061 Aluminum
  • High Gloss Anodized Finish
  • 5.5mm Hex

Premium Aluminum M3 Countersunk Washers - Hot Pink (10pcs)

Productcode: 1up-80349
€ 6,96Prijs
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