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HELLFIRE / Increase Rear Traction and Stability

Discontinued, replacement part: #85513

Want to replace the rear spoiler on your Hellfire? Need to add more downforce? This is the complete wing assembly kit that includes every part you need to add a rear wing to your high flying Hellfire. This wing will give you more stability and control, both on the ground and in the air!

Also it absorbs a tremendous amount of abuse that typically is transferred to the body of the vehicle, therefore extending the life of your custom painted body. Kit includes:

  • Wing and ing post
  • Wing mount
  • Button head hex socket screws
  • M3 nylon lock nuts
  • Cap head screws
  • Flat head hex socket screws
  • Wing end plate decals for a cool custom look


Productcode: HPI87520
€ 19,96Prijs
    RC Monkey Parts Shop
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