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Team Corally - Ultra pure Silicone Diff Syrup oils are manufactured and bottled in Europe. Each production batch is rheometer calibrated to ensure the highest possible consistency and quality from batch to batch. the viscosity of the oils is rated in industry proven Cps values.

Team Corally - Ultra pure Silicone Diff Syrup cover the complete range from thin 3000Cps up to super thick 100000Cps with numerous stages in between. With the available range, you will be able to find the correct viscosity you need for your application.

- Drop by drop flip top cap
- Viscosity indication label on cap
- Temperature stable
- 60ml content

Diff Syrup - Ultra Pure Silicone - 15000 CPS - 60ml / 2oz

Productcode: C-81515
€ 6,96Prijs
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