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Increase the durability and coolness of your HPI Trophy buggy or truggy with a range of cool aluminium upgrades!

All of these parts are machined from billet aluminium for high strength, durability and great custom looks.

Upgrading to Aluminium Chassis Anti Bending Rods gives you more driving feedback from a stiffer chassis. #101770 Alum. Front Chassis Anti Bending Rod Trophy Series (Black) #101795 Alum. Rear Chassis Anti Bending Rod Black (Trophy Buggy) The Aluminium Suspension Holders greatly increase the durability of the suspension in crashes and bumps. #101768 Alum. Suspension Holder (0 Deg) 6061 Trophy Series (Black) #101769 Alum. Suspension Holder (3 Deg) 6061 Trophy Series (Black) With increased thickness and the strongest type of aluminium used in the RC industry, the optional Front and Rear Shock Towers are machined from nearly bulletproof 7075 aluminium. #101793 Rear Shock Tower 7075 4mm Black (Trophy Buggy) #101794 Front Shock Tower 7075 4mm Black (Trophy Buggy) Install CNC Engine and Tuned Pipe Mounts for extra engine tuning and increased durability! #101771 CNC Engine Cooling Mount Set Trophy Series (Black) #101772 CNC Tuned Pipe Mounting Trophy Series (Black)



ALUM. FRONT Chassis Anti Bending Rod TROPHY (BLACK)

Productcode: HPI101770
€ 27,96Prijs
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