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Add extra stability to either end of your HPI Trophy Buggy or Truggy with this wider offset pair of hex hubs.

With increased thickness and the strongest type of aluminium used in the RC industry, the optional 3mm chassis for the Trophy Buggy is constructed from nearly bulletproof 7075 aluminium.

Can also be used to upgrade the Trophy Truggy to 17mm hex adapters!
Use these parts in combination to upgrade the driveshafts to universal dogbones and change the threaded axles to 17mm hexes!

#66479 Universal Joint
#101061 Rear Wheel Axle
2 x #101785 or #101792 Wheel Hex Adapter

6.7mm Hex Wheel Adapter TROPHY Buggy (ORANGE/BLK)

Productcode: HPI101792
€ 13,96Prijs
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