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dBoots 1/10 Short Course tyres are available in several tread patterns and different compounds of rubber to suit track conditions.

The Terrabyte tyres are typically used on indoor multi-surface tracks that feature carpet, polished floor and wooden-surfaced jumps and features. They also work extremely well on rubberised indoor sports hall flooring and outdoor on short-pile Astroturf tracks.

Available in medium ‘A’ compound and softer ‘B’ compound to suit various grip levels and conditions.

A Compound tyres are moulded from a medium compound rubber and are recommended for use in medium to high grip conditions.

B Compound tyres are moulded from a softer compound rubber and are recommended for use in low grip conditions or when the track is wet.

The compound marking is moulded into the sidewall of the tyre, meaning that it is a permanent marking that won’t be rubbed off. This allows quick and easy identification of the compound of the tyre. This feature makes dBoots tyres an excellent control tyre as both the compound and the tread pattern of the tyre can be easily checked.


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