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Completely waterproof and dustproof ON/OFF switch with adjustment knob.

S-BEC with 6V and 3A peak current Plug and Play, battery and motor plug already soldered.

Multiple protections: undervoltage shutdown, thermal protection and signal loss protection.

Simple programming via set button Separate programming port, easy connection of the LED program card (optional)

Razer ten 3652 3000kV motor 4-pole rotor design for high torque and fast response. CNC machined high-strength aluminum housing for optimal heat dissipation Motor winding made of pure, double-insulated copper wire.

Precision ball bearing for best running smoothness and durability.

Very flexible silicone connection cable with soldered 4 mm plugs.

High strength and polished 3.17mm rotor shaft made of steel.




Constant/peak current: 50A / 300A

Type; Sensorless Motor Limit:

2s Onroad: 3650 Engine, 8T

2s offroad: 3650 engine, 11T

3s Onroad: 3650 Engine, 11T

3s offroad: 3650 engine, 14T


Resistance: 0.001 ohms

LiPo/NiMH cells: 2-3s LiPo / 6-9 cells NiMH

S-BEC system  6V/3A

Programming Port 

Dimensions: 48.5x38x32mm

Weight: 90g

Usage: 1/10 OnRoad and Offroad

Battery connector: T plug

Motor Connectors: 4mm

Ball Engine : Kv: 3000 LiPo cells: 2S-3S Poland : 4 Shaft: 3.17x15mm

Ext. diameter: 35mm

Length : 52mm

Weight: 198 grams

Robitronic Razer Ten Brushless Combo 50A 3652 3000KV

SKU: R01250
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