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4mm power connectors for Li-Po and Li-HV Hardcase power packs with aluminum Heatsink grips (Red + Black). Grip side length 9 mm, height 10 mm.

Bullet plugs with aluminum Heatsink grips. They will enhance the look of your chassis, while making the manipulation easy and helping you prevent reversing of polarity.

Now in a form of "cubes", which besides the original design also allow for easier installation thanks to the screw bottom with securing o-ring.


  • 2x Heatsink grip (Red + Black), compatible with 4mm, 5mm and 4/5mm connectors
  • 2x 4mm Bullet power connector
  • 2x O-ring to secure the connector


Cube Bullet Plugs - 4mm (2pcs)

SKU: MB-4141
    RC Monkey Parts Shop
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