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Use with LP32 series tires only

The all-new LP-series wheels and tyres offer RC modelers a whole new look and style for cool scale detail! The LP-series tyres are super-low profile to get the slammed look of the latest supercars and custom-tuned street machines. With their extra-wide design and true replica look, the LP tyres are the most realistic look anyone can bolt onto their touring or drift RC car! Car owners can fit actual tread designs from the hottest tuner brands of today!

LP-series tyres and wheels are available in three different widths: 29mm, 32mm and 35mm. The tyre and wheel widths must match for correct fitting. The wheels will fit any touring car with a standard 12mm hex 

LP32 Wheel RAYS VOLKRACING RE30 Chrome 6mm Offset (Pair)

SKU: HPI3341
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