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Sunpadow's High-end Platin series has released four new high-voltage (HV) Lipo battery's.

The new HV products will further improve the competition-grade application coverage of Platin series products.

The super-conductive material used in its formula can greatly reduce the common swelling phenomenon of the batteries while improving the discharge performance.

Awaiting BRCA - EFRA - IFMAR - ROAR approval.




  • Configuration:2S2P
  • Capacity:8200mAh
  • Voltage:7.6V
  • Constant Rate:70C
  • Burst Rate:140C
  • Plug Containers : 5mm Banana 
  • L139mm x W47mm x D25.1mm
  • Weight 312g

LiPo 8200mAh 7.6V LiHV 2S2P 140C Stick Platin

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