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These cool looking Dish Wheels are standard on HPI's best performance monster truck the Hellfire (#10501). The dish wheels are track proven delivering optimum stiffness and slick aerodynamics. The unique design prevents dirt from getting into the wheels, protecting the suspension from blockage. With its bold look they are ideal to show off the mean looking Aggressor Tyres (#4892).

The size of the Dish Wheels are diameter 88mm x width 56mm The HPI Dish Wheels fit straight onto the HPI Hellfire. They can also be used on the HPI Savage range with one of the optional 17mm Hex conversion sets: 17mm HEX HUB CONVERSION SET #87229 17mm HEX HUB CONVERSION SET w/UV JOINT #87230 The HPI Dish Wheels are available in: White - #3150 Black - #3151 Yellow - #3153 These wheels will fit on the E-Savage also, if used with #86925 17mm HEX HUB SET FOR E-SAVAGE!


SAVAGE / HELLFIRE / 17mm Hex Hub

DISH WHEEL BLACK Hex 17mm (83x56mm/2pcs)

SKU: HPI3151
    RC Monkey Parts Shop
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