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A great, stylish-looking option part CNC machined from high-quality duraluminum will not only add executive look of your T1 but will also enable you to adjust the roll center very easily with 2 different roll center mounting positions. Mount this bridge between both rear bulkheads and insert the adjustable ball of the camber link into the inner position to change the roll center.


Changing the T1's rear roll center is now very simple and smart. By moving the upper camber link's inner ballstuds to the inner positions on roll center bridge, you give the car higher stability, making the car more composed on the track.

There are 2 different inner mounting positions (upper and lower), so you can very easily find the perfect position for maximum performance.

The roll center bridge is manufactured from lightweight alu and strategically machined to be as light as possible. 

Alu Roll Center Bridge. "last piece in stock"

SKU: X303030
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