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Discover  the RC model sport with the “First Step Performance” from Absima. Up to +/- 36 km/u  and power to the max you will get with this awesome model.

Of course you will be supported by real RC technique.

A safe 2.4 GHz remote control system supports the electronic speed controller to release the power at your command.

This RC buggy is made of high quality and strong material with capacity in anti-collision and beat resistance.

With soft hollow rubber tires and professional shock absorbing system features great performance.


Take the first step into the world of RC modelsport with this ready-to-run set!

Enjoying real RC racing with the 1/14 4WD RC car.

You can get started quickly and handle it like a pro.

Competing with other advanced RC car lovers and enjoying the exciting racing on the street, in your backyard or in the woods!.


1/14 4WD Sand Buggy RTR “First Step Performance”

SKU: AB14003
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