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Use with HPI RF-20/RF-30 Receiver

As an upgrade to your AM or FM radio transmitter, or just as a spare replacement for your Baja buggy or truck 2.4GHz radio, the HPI TF-20E is the perfect 2-channel addition to your RC arsenal! This is a fully-featured radio, with DSSS (Direct-Sequene Spread Spectrum) technology for no-crystal, no-fuss driving enjoyment. You can just switch on the radio and not have to worry about what channel anyone else is running - just get out and drive!

Other spare radio parts for the Baja 2.4GHz models include: #104060 - HPI RF-30 RECEIVER (2.4GHz / 2ch / 6V 5cell Battery) #104085 - 2.4GHz RECEIVER ANTENNA 300mm


Artikelnummer: HPI104058
79,96 €Preis
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