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Experience high-performance with Carson's Brushless System Shooter Crawler 21.5T. This system features the Shooter Crawler motor and Dragster Pro speed controller, offering exceptional torque, efficiency, and precise control for your off-road remote-controlled vehicle. Specifications include 21.5 turns, 540 type, 150W power, 1550 KV, 2-3 Li-Po / 6-12 NiMH input voltage, 2-8° timing, 20A continuous current, 25A peak current, 0.03684 Ohm internal resistance, weighing 182g, with dimensions of 36 x 55mm and a shaft of 15.5 x 3.175mm. The speed controller supports 2-cell Li-Po or 6-12 NiMH batteries, operates at 16 kHz frequency, and weighs 80g. Elevate your RC experience with Carson's precision-engineered system.

Brushless System Shooter Crawler 21.5T

Artikelnummer: Crwl215
79,96 €Preis
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