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Lightweight and compact design, as well as comfortable and ergonomic shape. In addition, the remote control has a "beginner mode" and is therefore also suitable for pilots with less experience and also children.


The included receiver has a very compact design with a size of 30.2*18.0*13.0mm and fits in almost every receiver box.


Description of the channels (the transmitter has 4 channels which are assigned as follows):

CH1: Steering wheel

CH2: Throttle lever (Trigger)

CH3: 3-position toggle switch

CH4: Push button


Reverse function (REV): This function can be used to set the direction of rotation of the steering servo/motor.


Trimming (TRIM): Adjustment of the straight run and throttle neutral position.


Dual Rate function (D/R): The steering angle and also the motor rotation power can be increased or reduced by operating this rotary knobs.


Failsafe function: This function determines what the receiver should pass on if the signal to the transmitter is lost (e.g. emergency braking).


Beginner modus: This function is intended for newcomers. In this mode the motor power is automatically reduced to 50%.


Radio CR4S-V2:

Channels: 4

Protocol: 2.4GHz

Distance: >150m

Battery (not included): 4*AAA 1.5 - 6V DC

Low V Warning: <4.2V (only NiMH)

Using LiPo TX battery possible: Yes (only LiPos with built-in low V protection)

Charging interface: No

Antenna type: Single antenne

Temperatur range: -10°C - +60°C

Dimension (L/W/H): 150*100*210 mm 

Weight: ca. 130 g


Receiver R4WP-V2 Micro (2020019):

Channels: 4

Antenna type: external single antenna

Waterproof: Yes

Power: 3.5-8.4V

Failsafe: Yes (in connection with radio)

Temperatur range: -10°C - +60°C

Weight: 5 g

Size: 30.2*18.0*13.0 mm





1* 4-Channel radio "CR4S-V2"

1* 4-Channel receiver

1* Antenna tube

1* Manual (DE/ENG/FR)

4-Channel Radio "CR4S-V2" 2.4GHz incl. Receiver

Artikelnummer: AB2000010
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